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Organize a safe environment for study and get back to school safely! Use a screening tool that provides a secure and simple way for tracking and monitoring Covid-19 symptoms.


Is your school
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Stop the spread in your school with Symptomatical

Getting back to school safely means reducing risks from symptomatic members of the school community. A branded app by Symptomatical allows users to complete a health screening—right from their phone. Administrators can monitor recorded screening results to reduce risks for students and staff.

The school community is prone to different health risks, so it’s necessary to monitor the symptoms among its members. Symptomatical’s branded app makes health screening easy because all the users need are their phones. The recorder screening results allow the administration to control the situation and take action.

COVID-19 Tracking and Reporting
Features for Schools

Symptomatical provides secure and intelligent daily symptom checking for better protection
1-click daily screening
Symptomatical tracker allows parents, faculty, and staff to screen themselves from home ans receive an immediate response as to whether they should attend a school that day.
No logins. No downloads
Before school starts, parents will receive a secure link to their emails that gives quick and easy access to screening without logins and accounts.
Comprehensive reporting
The administrators see comprehensive reporting about cleared members and those who are temporarily barred from going back to campus owing to possible symptoms/exposure.
Vaccine and test tracking
Use a vaccination and test tracking system to keep your school or organization compliant with a new vaccination mandate to attest vaccination status or submit to regular testing.
Custom Questionnaires
Customize your school health screening questionnaires to meet your specific requirements or CDC guides.
Info section
Monitor attendance
Symptomatical's dashboard gives you real-time info about those allowed to attend school and prohibited and the reasons for that.
No more excel
Follow CDC requirements and manage the massive challenge of screening every student before entering the building each day to keep the school open.
Multiple departments
Divide and manage your school by classes, departments & locations. Keep your school safe and comply while monitoring the health status of your school or school district.
Vaccine/test records
Coming soon.

No Downloads Required


Simplify screenings
for parents and staff

Symptomatical is a hassle-free app to help schools reopen & stay open.
Complete reporting in 2 clicks

Do you want to keep your school safe but worry that parents won’t complete daily screenings? We designed a process that is hassle-free for everyone.

Parents and staff will receive a dailylink to their emails and can submit screenings in one click.

Instant entry allowance answers after screening

Prevent excessive phone calls, texts, and paperwork from parents who need to submit symptoms and receive clear instructions from schools.

With Symptomatical app after completing a symptom screening parents, students, and staff will immediately receive clear indications of their next steps.

Understand health situation at your school better

Follow symptoms that parents are submitting, track the trends, changes, and the number of students that submit specific symptoms each day.

Track attendance and take actions

Track attendance accurately and understand who should not be at school today. Then, if someone came without screening, you will know and can take immediate action before the bell rings.


How screening apps
help schools reopen

This app heplps to keep kids safe... I know that is my children`s school there were 2 cases disclosed like that. So it helps to disclose cases.- A., Toronto, public funded college, 10 000 students

Stop the spread
in your school

More than 1000 schools and districts have adopted Covid health tracking. Why?
Reliable and secure
Parents need to feel confident about sending their children to school for in-person learning. Students should feel confident being among their friends and teachers.
Advanced reporting
Schools need a healthcare system that tracks COVID-19 cases methodically and track statuses in real-time.
User friendly
Parents, students, and staff receive clear indications of next steps if they are at risk for, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
Simplify compliance
The COVID-19 system complies with all guidlines laid down by the Board of Education, Board of Health, as well as ensure the security of students` personally identifiable information with FERPA and HIPAA.

We do Care, do you?

Symptomatical badge “We do care, do you?” is an indicator that organizations treat corporate social responsibility with seriousness, but not just as an idle promise.

Is your company ramping up to focus on keeping people healthy? Socially responsible companies are attracting employees and customers who are eager to make a difference in the world.

We do care

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Daily screening


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FAQ about school symptom tracking system

Be confident that school is a safe place.

Why does your school need daily health screening?

In the US and Canada and other countries, there are requirements regarding daily health assessments of individuals before they are allowed to report to school. The health screenings allow keeping individuals safe and significantly decrease the risks of getting infected with COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Also, it helps to improve the school’s brand by positioning it as a responsible one. Symptomatical enables creating students’ employees’ health reports with data to download them for the authorities.

How does the self-assessment app help schools in meeting state requirements for reopening?

By using Symptomatical, the schools can monitor the staff and students’ health conditions and introduce screening procedures required by the state (e.g., temperature, cough, headache). Besides, the individuals can mention if they traveled abroad or to other states within the last 14 days or if they contacted a person who tested positive. A person with COVID-19 symptoms will be prevented from accessing the campus to reduce the chance of disease spreading.

What is the purpose of daily health assessment in schools?

Symptomatical allows schools to reduce the number of infected individuals and prevent the spread of COVID and other infectious diseases. It helps to open schools and ensure regular classroom attendance, averting them from shifting to online learning.

How can I start health monitoring COVID-19 screening and tracking for schools and districts?

1. A school should start creating its profile by adding details to the account. It's necessary to add the name, surname, email, and password of the administrator.

2. After confirming the password, one should add the school data, which includes the organization's name and the site. After that, it's necessary to select the type of organization and add a logo.

3. The next step implies adding the address, selecting the time zone, and specifying the study days and time when students and employees will receive a link to symptom assessment.

4. Next, one adds users by mentioning parents’ (who will fill in the answers on students' daily questionnaires) and employees' emails. One can also add the emails via uploading the CSV file.

5. Once all the members are added, you'll see the list of invited users who have accepted them and will receive the links.

6. The final step is to add a payment method.

You are welcome to check the following video to watch the Symptomatical demo or contact our professional support team.

Why is a daily screening app better than screening students at a kiosk?

All students get screened and provided with the allowance to enter a school before they arrive at school, which makes this process more time and cost-effective. Also, the paperwork is reduced since all the required data can be easily monitored via the dashboard and downloaded in the form of reports.

Can I customize self-screening questions?

Yes, to do so, please contact us at

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