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A self-assessment app for schools to meet state requirements for reopening. Your organization can review daily COVID-19 self-assessment results, vaccination records, and/or COVID-19 test results to keep your school protected and prevent high-risk individuals from showing up.


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What is a COVID-19 self-assessment app?

Symptomatical allows individuals to complete their health self-assessment questionnaires from their smartphones. In this way, all the information about their symptoms is available for the school administration, allowing them to act accordingly to restrict attendance and prevent outbreaks if there are any concerns. All the questions are based on state orders and CDC guidelines.

How does it allow organizations to evaluate and report the health statuses of students and employees?

School administration's accounts have access to a user dashboard to monitor and manage employees and students' health assessment results. It displays the school's general results and allows checking the health statuses of each individual. Also, Symptomatical enables using data export functions to retrieve the documentation of daily checks to prove government order compliance.

How can a health-tracking app prevent infectious diseases in schools, workplaces, and communities?

Each individual checks oneself against CDC-listed symptoms and follows the instructions if there are any symptoms. In this way, the schools won’t be caught off guard by sudden outbreaks and will protect their staff and students from becoming ill.

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