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We, at Symptomatical, understand that it’s better to prevent disease outbreaks than deal with the consequences. Our symptom screening tool is intended to help you reduce the level of diseases and establish a safe culture.


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We are a team of technology enthusiasts with a vision of a better future and healthier planet.




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Symptomatical serves as a platform that enables you to meet government guidelines and stay in touch with health authorities. It's about contributing to the community and taking an active role in addressing universal issues.

Our health screening platform implements several major activities to protect every person on the planet. Symptomatical prevents various diseases, responds to public health threats, focuses on promoting physical and mental wellbeing, and aids in making decisions that comply with global government trends.

Countries strive for advancing public health infrastructures and strengthening the healthcare sectors. Symptomatical is a tool that helps create and sustain a safe environment at work and in school, manage the business processes to reduce the risks of suspending work, and arrange for the community's safety.


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