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Symptomatical is a symptom management system that helps companies to reopen, be ahead of the COVID curve, and protect people from infectious diseases.


Be Ready For the New
Realities using Big Data

Our syndromic surveillance platform empowers response to infectious diseases, helps to protect communities, enhances security, and fundamentally improves public health. Utilize digital technologies and advanced data to stay a step ahead of infectious disease risks!

Prevent future pandemics, coordinate emergency response

Reduce the level of diseases and establish a safe culture

Protect people’s health

Reducing the Spread of COVID-19

Help your employees and students stay productive at work and in school, and stay healthy when they get home.


Daily Covid-19 workers symptom logging


Daily Covid-19 workers symptom logging


Real-time analytics for tracking, reporting, and taking action


Notification to the management of symptomatic colleagues

Risk management

Company daily symptom mapping

Quarantine Calendar

Managing employees in quarantine or self-isolation


Self-reporting suspected and confirmed cases inside the organization

Platform screens


Our solutions

Choose the plan that’s right for your needs

Platform Advantages

Outbreak Resilience

We empower enterprises with better responses to COVID and other risks of infectious diseases. Know the risks, analyze and understand what the impact is likely to be.

We blend the simplicity of daily screening with the effectiveness of digital technology to protect people worldwide from infectious diseases. In addition, Symptomatical provides data-driven analytics to manage mobile workforces, supply chains, ensure continuity and build outbreak resilience.

Health Authorities & Safety Compliance

Boost the level of health control to ensure an effective pandemic response. By facilitating the users’ self-diagnosis, Symptomatical helps to protect your students, employees, and customers.

Symptomatical helps manage safety at workplaces, reduce the risks of suspending work, and enhance people’s safety.


Ensure the safety of the workplace environment

Timely response to an infectious disease threat

Reports based on real-time dataset input

Science-Based Data Set

Symptomatical forecasting technology is based on Big Data analytics and the "risk-based" decision-making method. It analyzes the symptoms employees mentioned and predicts whether there are any risks for the people working in the same environment.

We cooperate with epidemiologists and data scientists to provide the verified medical content. Symptomatical delivers reports based on existing COVID-19 protocols.


We do Care, do you?

Symptomatical badge “We do care, do you?” is an indicator that organizations treat corporate social responsibility with seriousness, but not just as an idle promise.

Is your company ramping up to focus on keeping people healthy? Socially responsible companies are attracting employees and customers who are eager to make a difference in the world.

We do care

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Inviting users


Daily screening


See the result


Reopen the world safely with the Symptomatical

How can Symptomatical help reopen the tourism and HoReCa industry safely?

We provide a data-driven solution to keep HoReCa and tourism industries safe and care about their guests.

With this app, your employees are checked for syndromes daily, allowing your clients and guests to know that they are protected. Symptomatical helps to check the wellness of your staff and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by analyzing the survey findings.

Make data-driven decisions for your manufacturing facilities.

We understand that manufacturing leaders want to prevent quarantine measures from affecting their production plans. That’s why our app helps to minimize the number of people who might be exposed to infections in the workplace.

Symptomatical helps the managers to monitor the situation in the working environment and be in the know if any changes take place. The app predicts the spread of COVID-19, so you will be prepared for taking measures in advance.

How can Symptomatical improve company wellness?

The healthier the team, the better the performance. Symptomatical followed this concept when developing our app. We are committed to developing data-driven technology that improves your team’ wellness and introduces better health screening at workplaces.

It takes on a couple of minutes to complete a questionnaire, but the impact it has on the stability and growth of the company is invaluable.

How can educational institutions use our symptom checker?

Symptomatical helps to protect children and students from infecting themselves during their studies. It’s crucial to make sure all the teachers and other staff members regularly take COVID-19 surveys even if they feel well. Symptomatical being a data-driven base predicts the spread of the virus, thus, ensuring safety in the community.

When the kids study in safe environments, there won’t be the need to declare quarantine and implement significant changes to the learning process. Symptomatical provides for resilience and wellness, forestalling the virus outbreaks.

What about safety?

We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure environment for the users both digitally and physically. That’s why data processing is strictly regulated and follows HIPAA Compliance. It helps us secure clients’ information and provide integrity of protected health information.

How do we process your data?

We provide science-based and approved data analytics. The app evaluates the symptoms and conditions selected by the users and compares them with those mentioned in our database.

If the system finds out there are cases of diseases, it points that out in the report. Symptomatical is safe and effective because it bases results on datasets provided by infectiologists and epidemiologists.

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